Greg told me to write 400 words.


Nyla pushed her ginger fringe out of her eyes and pushed up her glasses, squinting though the woodlands. It was a cold and crisp day, overcast but still quite bright. She trudged along a small trail, feeling the leaves crunch under her boots. She glanced to the left and stopped suddenly. In the shade of a large tree, a cluster of bright red mushrooms were popping out through the grass. Excellent! She hadn’t actually expected to find any this early in the season. These were pretty common variety, but really pretty to look at and photograph.

She pulled out her camera and set up quickly, squatting in the undergrowth. The mushrooms really presented themselves quite prettily. She spent quite a long time capturing the pretty woodland scene from different angles, even grabbing out her macro lens at one point. After a half hour she sat back and sighed. Good. She though, these will be a nice start to the flora set I have to hand in for class at the end of the year. She packed up again quickly and stood, wiping some grass and soil from her long, dark brown skirt.

Ambling further along the path, she spotted a few squirrels chasing each other in the tress. Cute as they were, she was not happy with the small creatures right now, they had been digging up the onions and garlic from her garden. She frowned at them and wondered if the hot pepper she had sprinkled on the garden bed that morning was deterring them at all. Blowing out a big breath, she decided to turn around and head home to edit the photos she had just taken. It was getting chilly and there were some particularly dark clouds on the horizon. She turned and walked briskly back the way she had come. Next week she would try again.

The woods went still as her footsteps faded. The mushrooms sat still and vibrant, peeking out from under the tree. Slowly, a tiny figure unfolded itself from behind the toadstool it had been hiding behind.  Dressed in autumn colours the tiny being blended quite well into the landscape.  Stretching arms and legs out and glancing around, the gnome like creature wondered if the giant was perhaps a little simple. Who sits and examines mushrooms for so long? Shaking some life back into her legs, she set off for the little entrance to her home set in the roots of the large tree. She had collected quite a lot of food already that morning, but with the sudden appearance of the giant girl, she was now late. Tsking to herself, she lowered herself into the ground, through a little hatched door.

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Well then.

I actually have time to write.


And I can’t think of anything!



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Let it go….

So, I’ve been complaining to my husband for months that I just want time to blog about all the amazing things that have been happening in our lives. Things have changed in this house since Ribbit arrived on scene. (Only 10 days overdue – that’s another story).

Now that I have the time, (Or do I really? – I never know how long she will sleep for!) …

Anyway, I don’t know what to write is what I am getting to. I am up and down like a roller coaster with this kid. I’ve never had such an intense and ongoing project in my life before. One with no set parameters or limits. Everyday brings new surprises and challenges, new glaring parts of my personality that I can’t hide from!

She is awesome and ferocious…demanding and loud..but her smile lights up her entire face and she is so HERE and PRESENT. I love her… but I could barely say it for the first few months…it really felt to start with like I had given birth to some kind of blood sucking leech that never wanted to leave me.. ever!

(Seriously, I could not put that baby down without some serious complaints).

Then she started opening her eyes more and actually processing things. I remember she one day started staring at the frog decals next to her change table. I would see her little eyes shining up at me when she ate, she was starting to “wake up”. Then came little smiles that got bigger and bigger. Now her Dad has gotten a few blown laughs out of her (I get half giggles – apparently I am not as hilarious). She examines her own hands and feet, puts anything she can get a hold of in her mouth. She watches people talk and jumps when the coffee grinder goes on. She has the most adorable drop lip ever. (It swiftly turns into a rather piercing shriek…again, another story).

It has been.. really hard. Harder then a lot of things I have done. The thing I struggle with is not going “off duty”.. not having my own time is hard. Even harder to know if I will be able to steal some at all. She hasn’t been overly predictable as yet..getting this girl to sleep has been a large daily hurdle. She has decided day time naps are for chumps! So far I have coped by venting loudly to anyone who stops by for five minutes! W comes home and joins in with head and heart open. We are all finding our rhythm in this house, but the tiny overlord is the one in charge and she has no idea what she is doing ;P

I feel like if I can just “let go” of the need to be able to predict what will happen next and just enjoy it..things will get easier. She ain’t sleeping today? Tomorrow she might…definitely by the next since she exhaustion may have set in by then! The internet almost makes for an enemy – a large amount of information to compare my baby to. (That said – white noise is the shit!) I also miss home and support of family and friends. A lot. Although I have met some amazing and awesome people here.

I am a different person, I have changed a lot in the last few years, but I am still me.


(Also, I can not wait to go to the playground with her!)



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Waiting for the Delight.


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A hobbly finish!

R is for…

Running out of ideas to ever finish A – Z…! Going to do this in a dodgy way just to get it DONE!

R is for rain! The weather is turning and the water is falling from the sky! R is for Ribbit who could come annnny day now.

S is for Sleep or lack of it… I am up and down at all hours. Watching all manner of terrible television – any hot picks please let me know!

T is for… T is for…

Tea! I like it. In many forms! Mostly mint is my bag..or a good English one! Some mates bought me a pregnancy tea which is pretty good as well! I need to start drinking raspberry leaf! Seattle has a surprisingly dedicated tea scene. Although I am discovering, there is a nerd for everything here! Woges and I went to the Northwest Tea fest a couple of months ago… I am still not sure I can handle some of those really intense green teas. They sort of taste like what I would imagine fresh lawn cuttings would be like after a good steeping!

U is for Ultrasounds... I have to say – once they’ve figured out everything is allllll good, they are such fun. we saw Ribbit last week and man that baby is busy. Doing odd things like chewing on its feet and making kissy faces. But certainly busy!

V is for Vashon Island..the only other word I could think of was, a bit too much for the internet. So, Vashon! Haven’t been there yet! Maybe in summer – so I can pick berries!

Here is a link to an article about it —>

W is for Waiting —> still doing it. Have a whole bunch of words there…but it equates to a bus you really need and want to catch, but have no idea when it will actually pick you up. So you are stuck in a holding pattern near the stop!

X is for X-rays! One of the only medical procedures I haven’t had in the last few months! Hooray! Yes. This is a cop-out!

Y is for Yee-ha! (yes. this is terrible).

Z the Zoo!  We went on the weekend – it is early spring here, so the animals were reasonably awake! They have a baby giraffe right now and Humboldt penguins. I always feel sorry for the Australia section, it is pretty woeful. A couple of kangaroos, emus and a few birds. (Do you count budgies as an iconic Australian bird?)



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Q is for …Quismah?

So, I have a fairly short term memory these days. If I ever had a plan for Q… it is lost in the mists of time, or really was probably never there in the first place. Onwards and upwards I say!

We have no clue whether the incoming baby is boy or girl. Our names is list exists, but I certainly haven’t latched onto anything yet. I really need to Ribs face-to-face! So, for laughs – I dug out some names beginning with Q! Think Q and generally all that comes to mind is Quentin, Quagmire or Quinn… But there are some rather interesting others!

Would you put a “Q” name on your kid?

Quismah – girl name, “destiny or fate” and Arabic.

Quilla – “Goddess of the moon” Spanish

Qi -  “Fine jade” Chinese

Qadira – “Wields power”

Qae  – “Dark Crystal”

Quorra – “Heart”

Quyen – “Little songbird” Vietnamese


Quincy – “different, unique”  French

Qamar  – “moon” Arabic

Qabil – “Able” Arabic

Quon – “Bright”

Quillan “Club”

Quenell “Small Oak”




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P is for Plenty of things…

This A – Z is killing me. I may be done in the next 10 years. Seriously though, not sure what to do with this effing blog. It has gotten somewhat personal in the last year or so. I don’t entirely mind, but then sort of do. (What to do…what to doooo)

P is for being preggo – a state I have managed to be in now for three years running (not the whole time, obviously… ) That is a lot of hormones people! Rounding out the last few weeks and I feel suspended in time. A time filled with restless nights and weird symptoms. You can google pretty much anything and some preggo lady has had it.

For example,

Crazy, sexy dreams, hot flushes, pain in odd places, having a badly behaved digestive system (that covers a whole lot!), loose ligaments, dry eyes, odd skin, swelling in the lower extremities, the needing to pee thing…  and the list goes on.

The things that annoy me most are my low back pain, which sort of involve my hip joints being unstable and causing me to shuffle around dragging a foot by the end of the day. It feel like I am one of those marionette puppets and my legs sort of pop out and dangle. Not cool! Also sleeping on my side! Hate it! Getting into a pillow fortress of solitude at night only to have to slowly crawl out again at odd hours.

Also, sometimes when the baby is party rocking inside and I am NOT moving, I hear bones click. It is strange!

Dropping anything on the floor. Floor = enemy.

*insert more ranting here!*

I haven’t had crazy cravings. But a beer (whole one) would sure go down smooth right now. I am thankful that pregnancy is a temporary longish term state, I can understand why people with longer term health issues can feel frustrated. When your body is acting odd, it is bloody annoying! I know there are people that love being preggo (are you liars?)…but I am not one of those people! I am thankful for the chance to be, don’t get me wrong!

P is for Perth!

Went home recently. It was super surreal. It has been roughly 18 months and a pretty intense block of time at that. It was nice to see everyone. It was hard to catch up with everyone. I didn’t have really much energy to more then lay on couches and chat. Next time I am going to Rottnest and sitting in a beach shack and if you want to catch up – get on a boat! Overall it was lovely though. Great fun to surprise the folks at Christmas time. I was really happy to meet my little niece for the first time and see my other niece and nephew. (Although I am pretty sure they were happier to see W!)

I think I miss the people. But I reallllly miss the weather. Seattle is essentially the complete opposite to Perth. Although, you really appreciate the sun when it does come out. I am looking forward to spring/summer here this year!

P is for photography…

I have really lost interest in this hobby of mine in the last year and a half. I can point to several reasons. But I would love to creep back on scene with it. When I get less tired, I hope to get the big camera out a little more. Hopefully some hiking and cool flowers will get my mojo running this year!

I am tired!





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O is for Omar

Omar is a kickin’ rad name. It ended up being Duncan’s middle name. W and I both think it is awesome. It has Arabic and Hebrew origins and means life, long living and eloquent speaker. we got to Omar somewhere after arriving at Dunc.. I think Oliver was up there for a bit, but didn’t sound right in the whole name. (Naming is hard!)

Omar Little is also a character from the Wire – a HBO show. It is a great show. I honestly didn’t think I would ever sit through it all. It’s violent and horrible at times. Also very slow moving. But it has some great characters in it. Omar being one of them!

Omar is a gangster who robs other drug dealers and re-sells their product. He has a fierce but just reputation in the neighborhood the show is set it. He speaks poetically and is great to listen to. Really captivating. Seriously. Just watch the Wire sometime. 🙂

(This post is short…bite me!)

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We had a little online assignment in school to write a take away and I am putting it here for keepsies.

I think my most important take away is myself!

To clarify…

I think I most liked developing myself this year. From this course, I take away a lot, skills and abilities I possibly would never have developed in this life. But, the self development has been priceless. The decision to do this was made for a lot of small reasons (that I made up to justify doing it) and one very big one…

I am thankful.

Discovery gave me time to look at the body, mind and spirit. To accept or try to anyway, how people are and can be. To look around and realise how much weight we are all carrying. It gave me a chance to see different therapists tease different results from people. It also gave me a broader view on the world of health in general. I’d never spoken to naturopaths, acupuncturists or reflexologists before. I’d sort of glazed over the spiritual connection to healing a little too.

Discovery gave me the occasional nerdy tickly by explaining little connections I had never thought of and then stepped back and shrugged its shoulders and said “who knows”. The learning panned out and in. Some weeks I wasn’t present enough for it. It was tiring and frustrating. Doing these online forums on a Sunday night was a royal pain in my …side. But after it provided some clarity. I felt like an angry toddler at times, I just wanted to throw something and leave.

I realise this is all pretty general. But I am having trouble pin pointing one story or anecdote that tipped the scale or moved me along. I haven’t stopped you see, I am still inching forwards and all these little (big) things are with me.

I’ve never had any school experience accept me so thoroughly as I am. It was really, really great. They lead by example and encourage me to develop my own Empathy.

So off I go!


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N is about Noodles baby…

I love noodles.

Like I fucking LOVE them.

As far as a go to meal goes. They are right up there. I dig pretty much all of them rice, egg, soba, ramen…and just all of them ok!

When I was a kid, I used to eat Maggi two-minute noodles. Both raw and cooked. My sister had the most bad ass microwave technique for them, she could get them cooked to perfection with the most amazing balance of soupy liquid to compliment them. It was great. Those noodles were great. But they were epically salty. I would maybe eat them for nostalgia these days, but not my preference anymore!

Moving through my teenage years and the old instant cup noodles with a few token peas floating in it became a hit. You know the in-a-cup kind? We used to eat them at cadets. Some kids used to put cheese and all sorts of weird shit in the cups…I didn’t subscribe to this practice!

University introduced the wonders of Mee Goreng. It’s an Indonesian brand, which comes with little packets of soy, chilli, onion flakes and some kind of delicious oil.  They came in basic with a bunch of flavours. These were tasty! And cheap! You could get a 30 pack box for under ten bucks! I am very sad to report they don’t sell them here in the States. I have been eying them off on Amazon. It is pretty tempting. Since moving here I keep getting massive nostalgic junk food cravings. When I return home, I have a lunch date with a Chicken Treat roast pack…sad but true.

As I have progressed through my noodle luvin’ I have also really gotten into noodles with soup! Chicken Udon especially.Noodle soups are always 20 percent better if they have an egg floating in them as well. A big bowl of soupy noodles is my lunchtime preference for sure! Seattle has a pretty big Vietnamese dining scene, you can get a big bowl of Pho pretty much anywhere you go. Pronounced “fa” the rice noodle, with tiny slivers of beef, bean shoots, mint and lime combo in a tasty stocky broth is super awesome.  Especially since it is cold here most of the year! (We have hit zero degrees outside guys…its only November!)

W is not as into noodles as I, so we have to compromise when dining out. .. oh love.  I would love to nail down a good recipe, but I have never gotten the soup stocky base part to taste as good. Plus making soup for one is… not easy.

So there you go – N is for Noodles!

At this rate. I might be done with this by NEXT April.




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