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This is my first solid attempt at an online “blog”. My partner bought me this little patch of internet space nigh on two years ago now. I’ve been agonising about what to do with it for most of that. Toyed with the idea of art projects, photograhpy..cooking my way through a year. It all sounded great, but I lacked the ability to follow through in a big way. I work almost full time in a reasonably stressful job. At the end of the work day for me..it’s legs up on the couch! I would like to think I am an amazingly inspired person who creates gorgeous things alll the time. The reality is not quite like that …for some reason…:)

One thing I do love love, is op-shopping. For years now without fail, I’ll head and catch a little bargain here and there and have a quiet giggle over what’s been donated. I love recycling and appreciate the re-use of random household items. The penny dropped recently that op-shopping and oogling old things is something I do, without thinking “ugh, I have to do that”  all the time!

So, without further ado, I plunge into a mish-mash op-shopping blog…an appreciation of the old and abandoned!

Recently, I went to Melbourne for the first time. The district of Chapel Street has become my new found love. The streets are old and the buildings are colourful. I am home grown in WA and this was my first experience of the area. My friends and I spent several hours ooglings clothes and shoes to die for. There are HEAPS of vintage and re-cycled boutiques, as well as your usual charity run op-shops.

Today I bring to you some of my discoveries.

I honestly can’t remember which shop I was in, but this one store had some really cool displays happening….





This lamp was AWESOME!

These two framed mirroors were also REALLY cool! I like the metal one best. I think the glass one could do with some more colours, but still a great idea!








This is what I got most excited about though…A big stack of old paintings cut into uniform squares…. clearly the beginnings of someone’s art stylings.  Some of the dates on the back of these went as far back as 1945. I have to figure out what I am going to DO with these now. The colours are beautiful though 🙂 I bought the stack for $20 and it’s now in my art pile of “things I have to do stuff with”!







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3 Responses to Would like to see…

  1. Tara says:

    You should’ve bought the lamp!!!

  2. Trisanah says:

    The lamp was display only 😉

  3. BarraHunter says:

    Best weekend ever! Thanks for a grand time, I am very happy with my purchases.

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