Glitter candles and Button Snowdudes!

Believe it or not, I’ve been busy! Work has been quite hectic, so I haven’t been posting!

I have been op-shopping still!

Untill I get a chance to snap some pics of my latest and greatest, I’ll show you some craft lovin’.

I made some candles in the little tealight holders I got a few weeks ago! They are purple and splendid and I quite like’em! I used soy wax and a dye block..and threw some glitter in while they were setting…word to the wise..glitter sinks! It doesn’t stay all distributed like a glitterstorm….it was more a glitter sediment layer!

*sediment not included in shot for artistic reasons 😉

I also have made out of some my buttons lying around, a few tree ornaments…which are quick, easy and CUTE! I want to make a Rudolph!


This guy is pretty nifty!

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One Response to Glitter candles and Button Snowdudes!

  1. BarraHunter says:

    Nice one, love the little frosty man!

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