I’ve decided to expand my blog a but, to include all my interests and adventures! I think it will still be mostly op-shop love…but there will be other things as well!

One of my good friends is a vegan and has been for many years. I think it’s very amazing. I love cheese and meat so much, I don’t know if I could ever stick to that kind of diet. I love vegetables equally though! Every year around Xmas, this friend hosts a Vegan Xmas dinner party…it’s always hard to invite everyone though, so a secondary dinner party was organised for early January.

At some point bewteen Xmas and this time, I had a brain fart about making a vegan style turducken…. but how to get it look and taste good?I was inspired a bit by Nigella’s Xmas cookbook, which featured a large whole stuffed pumpkin, filled with cous cous and cranberries.

I decided on pumpkin stuffed with eggplant stuffed with capsicum…I also ended up with a tiny mushroom and cherry tomato right in the middle. My “filler” was a zuchini, onion, spinach mix which I pureed. I used some quinoa with just some vegie stock for the very middle stuffing.

I cooked this baby on low heat for a few hours…..

This is the result!

Ok, it’s not perfect! But this was a first swing! I had a bit of a fail with the eggplant, that needed to be pre-cooked before insertion! Stuffing wise, I think you could use whatever you wanted really! It was served with a gingery tomato sauce style “gravy” which was made with onions, ginger, garlic and tomatoes.

Overall I rate it 6/10. It was nice roast pumpkin, but I need to work on the eggplant element!



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