Walking through time, in long lit days.

Last night in Zurich, then off to our next stop in Switzerland – Lucerne.

We have spent the last few days exploring the city and tasting quite a bit of lovely food! Greg is in his comfort zone of earthly delights of meat, cheese and beer. Yesterday morning we slept in, then headed into the main city via tram. It was forecast rain – and indeed it was. Proper rain, not light and easily shrugged off. We forked out for umbrellas and got on with it 😉

I had read on Saturday morning by the waterfront there was a weekly flea market in Zurich, it has been going for many years and is a big weekly event. We found it with no trouble, but the rain was putting quite the slow on things. The traders were there but everything was getting soaked! We started the morning with a bratwurst in a bun and a hot coffee! Yum 🙂

The market was good perusing value, lots of old collections of all sorts. Hat pins, tea cups and lots of old keys which I thought were cool :)  We chatted to a few of the vendors and one convinced me to look through his second hand clothes (he really had to twist my arm!). He promised they were the cheapest and most brightly coloured I would find. I ended up with a nice, red long sleeved top for only 2 francs. Bargain 😉

After a good wander about, we ended up at a fondue place in town for lunch. The place was filled with tourists mainly, but it was delicous and great fun. We had a basic cheese fondue to share and a raclette dish as well. Raclette is cheese based as well, you melt a piece on a small griddle, then scrape it onto your plate to have with cooked potatoes and little gherkins and onions. I love interactive food 🙂

(The tiki loves cheese)

A word on dessert (yes, we managed it!).. I had a white chocolate mousse with strawberries. It was the BEST mousse I have ever had..(not wobbly at all). It was light as a feather, melted in your mouth and wasn’t too sweet.

Today we slept in ( I swear, no more late nights watching tv shows on the lap top!) then Greg looked out the window and noticed more fea markets just across the road from our hotel. He may have sighed to himself before telling me this! We had a crepe and coffee and checked them out for a little while.

We then headed into town to catch the ferry to Rapperswil. It’s an almost two hour ferry ride to the near the end of Lake Zurich. It’s a very pretty little place with a small castle you can look at and wander through. We stayed for an hour or so then caught the ferry back. We managed to get on a paddle steamer on the way back, which was very cool.

We went out for a pub dinner tonight at the Oliver Twist pub. It was very cosy and nice. The weather today was so cold, the Peru beanies and gloves got a workout! Tomorrow we are catching the train into Lucerne, it is only a half hour on the train, so maybe we might do something here in the morning.


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  1. Janet says:

    Hey guys,we’re enjoying your blog – stay dry and continue the fun!

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