Last day, night and morning in the city of love ;)

One last day in Paris and it dawned fine and warm. It was a bit too hot for the locals if everyone I spoke to was to believed! At any rate it was shorts weather!

We set off pretty determined to get up on the Eiffel Tower! It was another short metro hop away and a tiny walk. The line looked massive! It was only about 9am as well! However, on investigation we discovered that there were two lines. One to take the lift and one to climb the first two levels and then the lift to the third. The stairs like was barely a line! As Greg said at the time, we had hiked the Andes, some stairs would be no problem!

At the south tower!

So off we went! It doesn’t take long to climb and the views are great, it was a little misty but still good! The second level has a small history museum with art of the Eiffel Tower and a short film you can watch. Taking the elevator to the top is good fun..if a little cramped! We spent a bit of the time at the top, then slowly went back down again. It was worth the price. One of the things I’ve liked about France is that most of the attractions are reasonable in cost.

Found on the second level…

We headed down past the tower and into a little shopping and eating district close by. We had Lebanese for lunch…who knows why, but Greg took to the tabbouleh and hummus with gusto 😉 I found a few little shops with some very cute clothes and Suzette finally scored her belated birthday gift from Paris.. don’t worry it is definitely NOT a Eiffel tower key chain Suz 😉 The attendant was very nice, but she was very worried about pick pockets and warned us several times. Apparently they are quite crafty!

Mmmm, berries!

So, our last afternoon in Paris and we had to do our laundry….it was at a critical point and had to be done! We had packed in quite a bit in the last few days, so doing some chores wasn’t too bad. I had a wander around some of the shops, got a haircut and Greg read his kindle.

That evening we had some dinner and a wander through the Moulin Rouge district. Also checked out the sex museum, which is worth it for a giggle.

The next morning we got up to catch a ten am train to Brussels. It was a high speed train and very cool!

So that was our Paris portion of the trip! You need a heck of lot more time to see this large and pretty city. It’s a shame we never got to duck into the Lourve, but we need reasons to go back! Being Australian, it is strange visiting places with such long history to them.

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3 Responses to Last day, night and morning in the city of love ;)

  1. Suzi Steele says:

    oooh whats my gift??? I am excited now! Will it get posted or do i have to wait til you get back?

  2. Al says:

    Those berries look good! I hate it when you haven’t done washing and you start to contemplate wearing the least smelly thing…

  3. Al says:

    I find the lock intriguing

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