Visitin’ the Queen..Cruisin’ the Thames!

Mostly lettin’ the pics speak for the themselves at this stage. I am in writing back log hell – being off the Internet for few days, combined with lazyness has meant dragging my heels over catching it up. I am almost finished Megamoon with Greg and so tired! But, must finiiiish!


Sunday the 24th June 2012

Sunday dawned bright and lovely. We had a lovely fry up breakfast with the reli’s, before we all headed to Marks and Spencers to get Greg some pants for our evening cruise. It was a no jeans policy! We found some without too much cost or hassle and had a quick peak around the shops before heading home again. We had some rest time, tea time and then got suited up to go out. I should explain that with extraordinary gift giving powers, Lucy P had given us a voucher for a ride on the London Eye, followed by dinner and a cruise on the river Thames. What a perfect present and great way to spend out final days in Britain! (Note: She gave it to us on the condition I would pronounce Thames properly – “Tems” instead of “Thaymes” – my family collectively gasped in shock when I told them how I had thought it was supposed to be said. Lucky I was educated before my visit!

Anyhoo – we headed into central London on the train. We got onto the Eye with hardly any line, fantastic! It does give you amazing views of the city and you can see out for quite some distance. I would make sure you do it on a clear day, for extra awesome viewing! The London skyline is very pretty and interesting to gander at – so if your flush with money (or have great friends!) – give the Eye a chance! Warning though, it is a busy, busy, BUSY area – lots of tourist and halkers all over the place! Try not to throw people into the river!

We headed onto stroll around the back way to Buckingham Palace – another busy tourist attraction. It’s good to admire the Palace and watch the guards … do nothing, but I must admit it’s not something you’d stick around at for long. I think you can be there at a certain time for the changing of the guard and there is a small museum there somewhere as well. Anyhoo, it is worthwhile to see – when the Olympics aren’t on there is a lovely stroll involved as well. Although the back way was pretty nice!

After Buckingham, we had a bit of a stroll around Trafalgar Square, then settled into a cafe for some tea and to wait to start our evening cruise. Sitting and reflecting on our holiday, with a few sly games of fruit ninja and some facebook, everything seemed pretty lovely.  We arrived at the river for our cruise, boarded up and slowly started off down the Thames. Views were spectacular – the boat had a glass roof, so you were comfortably wining and dining to some jazz music, without getting the extremes of boating weather. The sunset as we ate and on the way back through, the lights of the bridges and buildings slowly came to life around is. The food was good and so was the company. It was a grand evening 🙂



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