South London-ish countryside!

Monday the 25th June, 2012

We started mid-morning and had a lovely day roaming about with our family. They first took us for a drive out to the Winston Churchill family home, which is known as “Chartwell”. It is a really cool house and gardens visit! There are ponds and vegie gardens still in use. There are three resident cats to find! The house itself was closed, but there was a small museum to poke through. It featured a sort of timeline of W.C’s life and lots of copies of the letters between him and his wife Clementine. I thought the letters were amazing – they write to each other with such love!! The whole place is perched over some great views of the valley. We of course had morning tea to take another chance for Greg to have some scones with clotted cream and jam… (I think he is addicted!!)

We drove on to check out another estate – not so much for the house, but more for the herds of deer known to be wandering around the place! I have flat out forgotten the name of the place! We walked around the walls of the big property and gazed at all the little Bambi -look-a-likes that were wandering about grazing. So Cute!!! Well worth a visit!!

We tried to stop in at Charles Darwin’s estate – closed on Mondays…bugger! We then stopped in to pick up some Indian for dinner from Sainsburys. Excellent! It is quite amazing that store – you can buy nearly anything! Greg and I had a wander around and picked up some candy and chocolate…. Keziah is the easiest person in the world to get travelling gifts for as there is always candy available!! Anyhoo, that night we had a banquet fit for Kings, chatted into the night and then crashed out!!

Tuesday 26th June, 2012

A travelling day – we got to experience the wonders of the M25 in London, it wasn’t too bad in the end. We made good time to the airport to wait for our flight. Flight to Zurich a short hop, then a loooong one to Hong Kong. Bergle! We both had a great time in the UK though – so much to do and see!!!



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