Hong Kong – shopping city!

Wednesday the 27th June, 2012

We arrived in Hong Kong sometime after a couple of long haul flights, that shall no longer be thought of. I am writing all of Hong Kong a full week and a lot of plane hours after the end of the megamoon – so details of places and names will be scanty at best!

Let’s see we arrived, got kitted out with an Octopus card (like a Smartrider) – I asked for Oyster cards at the desk – but we still managed to get what we needed. We took the train all the way into Kow Loon station, then caught a taxi to our hotel. The taxi driver was very nice – he sang pop 80’s love songs pretty much the whole drive, which was …interesting. We met up with the Wogan-Browne clan, who were residing in a hotel that is also part of a shopping centre! This seemed bizarre, but also fantastic. You could holiday almost entirely inside in Hong Kong – that’s how many shopping malls there are!

We chilled out in out room and cleaned a few hours of plane travel off, then it was up to watch the Symphony of Lights along the harbour. It is a very famous and very free sound and light show. Many buildings participate and the event runs every night at 8pm. It ran for about 15 minutes and was pretty good. It was quite nifty how the light married up to the sound displays. Definitely worth a watch and re-watch!

After the show we got taken through a maze of shops and streets to find a place recommended to Cheryl for a good Chinese meal which involved duck. It was pretty good, but you know what I can not for the life of me remember what we all had. There were BBQ duck pieces with pancakes and a sauce… and green tea…. and well, I was jet lagged ok 😉 I have to admit by this stage of the holiday I was totally letting the family take over on activities – which was great as Cheryl and Rick had both been before, Annabelle had fantastic shopping instinct 😉 and Steve had a great sense of direction – enter into relax holiday mode!!

Thursday the 28th June, 2012

We ventured out to take the ferry from Kow Loon. Taking the ferry across is quite relaxing – it only takes around ten minutes and you get to admire the skyscraper filled shoreline. The summer humid heat had my camera fogging up though! We took the Peak Tram via funicular railway, which involves a very steep climb and very cool trip. Funicular means inclined plane or cliff railway 🙂 You step off onto the Sky terrace to enjoy some great panoramic views of Hong Kong! We stayed for awhile admiring the view and admiring some nearby shoe stores. Unfortunately HK does not cater to the grandiose size of my Aussie feet – but still pretty to look at all these things. There was a purse with an almost knuckle duster look to the handle!

As we walked along the streets…

Checking out the PeakCrazy cog climbing angles!

We stopped in to check out some local markets (I have forgotten the name so I will edit this later!).There a lot of different markets you can visit in Hong Kong.  A variety of clothes, bags, jewellery and all very lucky Chinese items were available..bartering a must! All of the girls scored a lovely new handbag – awe yeah!

We adventured through the public transport system for awhile – it was time for a mid afternoon lunch! We took a ferry out to it though – we ate on a floating restaurant! I recommend taking a few more dollars – the menu was a tad pricey. Still dim sum and some great squid meant happy bellies 🙂 The actual restaurant was very pretty as well, decorated with a lot of dragons and lanterns and allll sorts…it would look pretty at night I think! I think that afternoon we all recovered – some of us went for a swim in the hotel pool. Other then my dip in the Amazon, I hadn’t been swimming much…ah relaxation!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    That would be Peking Duck and Stanley Markets. Would have enjoyed longer at the market without the men in tow!

  2. Amanda says:

    Ah, Cheryl beat me to it! Peking Duck is spectacular

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