Last days of Megamoon…

Friday the 29th June, 2012

On Friday we had a day long adventure. We took a cable car ride from Tung Chung up to the famous Giant Buddha and the Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery. The lines for the cable car ride weren’t too bad. The views are pretty special and it is a much easier way of climbing a mountain! You cross over the water and slowly rise up through the mountain tops. We could spot boats and local fisherman down in the water below. I think it’s the first time I have been in a cable car bigger then the ones at Adventure World. It is a big attraction and there are queues, but it is pretty cool. You can also spot some of Hong Kong’s other attractions, for example a large water park which Steve and Annabelle went to.

Hok. Well we got there and it was definitely time for a pit stop! The problem is the entrance to the place where the Buddha is, there are lots of shops and things to look st – so much distraction!!(It was  the Ngong Ping culturally themed village).  This is usually fine, but when you need a drink and a sit down, you need it stat!  After a little span of getting distracted by some group of performers in costume doing a dress rehearsal, we went into a tea house.  It was surrounded by some lovely water features and a garden with turtles – win 🙂

Inside, the lovely air con  soothed us, as we ordered a variety of black and green Chinese teas. The tea was poured in a ceremonial like fashion. The tea cups were warmed up, the water was not fresh boiled (it has to be 90 degrees, not 100!) , and other things like that. The attendant was very nice and explained a bit about the rituals and qualities of the tea we were drinking. They were all pretty good, I think I liked the green tea with bamboo… The teahouse had some pretty darn tootin’ gorgeous tea sets for sale as well! We all oogled a little. If you ever go there… just buy them ok!

We walked up to and admired the Buddha, a few of us got energetic and climbed the steps to the top. The Buddha has been sitting built since 1993 – and he is quite impressive. He also has a small museum inside of him – we didn’t go in though! We also had a little walk around the monastery before slowly meandering back to the cable cars. A few of us were tempted by a meat vendor – Steve, Annabelle and I shared a pork (we think it was pork!) skewer. Had a peruse through a few shops – much to the disgruntlement of some of the menfolk 😛 There was also some kind of storm forecast, so we did need to get down off that mountain or risk having to bus back 😉 I think though, even with good weather, shopping delays do cause hungry fellows to get quite cantankerous… just saying 😛

Just think a few days before HK, we were at Big Ben….the world is a small place these days!

We got back and found a giant food court for lunch – it was inside another huge shopping centre of course ;P Greg and I received news that my ginger girl had reappeared home. This was the best part of my Hong Kong holiday (Hong Kong was amazing though!!) I was so happy – the little furry tart was ok…:):):) That night after quite a long day, we ordered room service – which was quite fun 🙂

Saturday the 30th June, 2012

It was pouring down the next day! This did not stop us from getting out and about. Hotel umbrellas in tow, we walked just down the street from our hotel to check out Kowloon Park ! Not just a park, the place is huge, and amongst all of the beautiful trees and winding paths there is a free museum to check out – the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. Focusing mainly on Hong Kong’s history and the building and development of it’s impressive skyline. Well worth a check out, also useful for avoiding heavy rainfall for awhile 😛 Although, the rain in Hong Kong was good – it was just like rain in Hedland – heavy, but still warm out.

After the cultural centre, the rain had ebbed off, we wandered around the park. There is plenty of things to look at and explore. Best of all are the flamingos! So pretty and pink, fluffing their wings after the rain. Also, black necked swans – I had never even heard of them before now! But – nature, birds and water features – all very pretty! Also, if you get peckish – on site is the smallest McDonalds I have ever seen! You can get coke floats and all the of the soft serve menu – but no burgers….still how weird would it be if there was a Mickey D’s in Kings Park in Perth? We sat and enjoyed a beverage and toddled back to the hotel.

We went to check out the nearby markets a few stops away, they are divided into lanes – one is called the”Ladies Market”. We separated into mini-groups and wandered a bit. Greg and I didn’t stay for long, but they are worth a wander through.

We parted ways with Steve and Annabelle that arvo, then went to watch the Symphony of Lights from the other side. No music from the other side – but it was worth a shot to look at all of the buildings light up a little closer without the crowds. We had Indian for dinner – pretty tasty. Also, never try and write a diary nearly two weeks after the events – you will quickly discover how bad your memory is 😛

Sunday the 1st July, 2012

Cheryl and I went out for a quick market jaunt before her and Rick were due to fly out. She took me to the very lovely Jade Markets. Really pretty stuff and probably some of it is even real 🙂 I got a purple jade stone turtle snake thingy and some Chinese horoscope charms for my friends and family. Try to come mid-morning a little after the market is open. All the sellers were super keen to bag us for the early morning good luck sell – it meant browsing was a little strained at times! Still bartering is fun, if you can relax into it. I found a little old man who spoke no English, but was quite handy with a few signs and a calculater!

Greg and I checked in our bags at the train station – yes, you can do that – it is cool! Then we wandered around a shopping centre nearby and and actually went to a movie – we could have attempted to get more culture *cough* Disneyland, but we were both tired and ready to fly home to Perth.

Hong Kong was a great way to spend the last few days of our holiday – we didn’t have to plan or organise anything, just agree and toddle along with our family. Hong Kong is a very energetic and interesting city – the skyscrapers are crazy. You have to wonder how all of the shops stay in buisness – there are so many! I would definately stop by there again – although it has been pointed out to me that I have said this about nearly everywhere Greg and I have been in the last 3 months..Hmm, I better work on becoming a millionaire. Ideas anyone?

So this is the last “megamoon” entry … I have struggled to finish it to be quite honest. It is barely coherent. I will get back to doing some special posts about the fooooood I have eaten and some thoughts about the different countries.  Now however, Greg and I are trying to settle into Seattle, America. It is strange to think after a few weeks we won’t be going anywhere.

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  1. Tara says:

    You’ve done an awesome job on the blog Tanya! Think I’ve missed a few entries, I will get back to reading them very soon.


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