Keys on Main!!!

So for our our first Saturday in Seattle, a lovely lassie named Katy invited us out to a place called Keys on Main.  She uttered few words about pianos and dueling and I was in! Also, no cover charge – excellent!

We arrived about 10pm, when things are usually starting to kick off after the dinner crowd. You can book a table to eat there, which I may attempt in the future. The premise of the place is pretty simple.  Two piano players, playing on two pianos, facing towards each other….dueling with music! You get great cover music live and it’s varied and exciting…why you say? They work on requests. So the music can be anything !(anything the performers know of course).

The dueling kicked off a little while after we arrived and worked like so..  Someone puts a few bucks down for one of the players to drum out their request. On commencing the song, if someone else doesn’t like it, they can pay more and outbid the original bid to change the song. This was cool! There were a few hens parties about that night and someone dearly wanted Tayler Swift played….*vomit* I think they payed at least 20 USD for it too…

Anyhoo, the piano players themselves are super fun and engaging. Smoking piano key effects and occassional electric guitar features as well. If it’s your birthday or you are about to get hitched, you get dragged up on stage for a special song. They played all sorts! I admit it was very pop based, but then random things got thrown up and made a nice change. Even things like rap, which should never have made it up there in my opinion – but hey it’s a free world! I especially loved it when they played Mulan’s “Be a Man” and Guns and Roses “Sweet Child ‘O’ Mine”. (Also got a little weepy cos’ I know some special ladies who would love that shit and were a long way away…)

Anyhoo, It’s a great and entertaining night out, room to sit or stand. Well worth a visit! Below is a small snippet from Saturday!


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2 Responses to Keys on Main!!!

  1. Tara says:

    That would be a blast!

    I would totally annoy the crap out of everyone with Backstreet Boys etc.

  2. al says:

    Miss you girl! Glad you have new friends already boo hoooooooo!

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