Pike Place Markets!

No visit to Seattle could be complete without…the Pike Place Markets.

Open since 1907, these daily bustling markets are situated right on the Elliot Bay Waterfront and are not to be missed. They are also a almost 30 minutes leisurely stroll from where Wogan and I are living currently…most excellent! Home to an intense array of produce, seafood, art and culture, you can wander around for many an hour.

Strolling through the produce section you are encouraged to sample everything… chocolate covered cherries, fruit from local and exotic locations (pears from New Zealand..what!), honey, biscuits and sauces… Plan for a small lunch is all I am saying 🙂 I want to go back and have a longer stroll through the arty section 🙂 There are heaps of stands selling all manner of hand crafted goodies.

I have been twice now, both with the lovely Katelyn. The second time the place was packed to the gills as a few movie stars were being Barista’s for the an hour. Will Ferrell and eh, some other guy were promoting a new movie. Needless to say the place was PACKED! We met up and then decided to skip the fan queue and have lunch instead.

Lowell’s Restaurant is up a few floors and overlooks the water – perfecto! They do a lot of amazing local seafood dishes, for a reasonable price. We had the seafood chowder and the crab cakes – yummo!  I will take anyone who visits here for suresies 😉



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  1. cheryl says:

    yes, take me. Chowder looks superb

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