Smith’s Rustic Pub Fare

A few weekends ago now, Wogan and I were invited out for food and drinks at Smith’s

It is another of the many places in Capitol Hill you can get a great meal. They have a fine array of beers on tap and quick, friendly service. I honestly don’t know how to discriminate with service anymore, everywhere we go is pretty good. While waiting for our table, a floating bar tender kept an eye on us and we had our first round waiting.

For dinner, Katelyn and Jacob were keen for us to order poutine – which is hot chips, cheese curds and gravy… sounds good to me! Poutine is originally a French-Canadian dish… a lovely lady I know has informed there is no possible way I have eaten good poutine yet 😉 Anyway….it tasted pretty darn tootin’ good!! I have been told by other sources that Smith’s do the best in Seattle, as other bars are sneaky and use grated cheese instead of curds…

We then moved onto try a few different beers and have our mains – between us we sampled the short rub with mustard and slaw, the Smith’s burger (with bacon added…guess who ordered that ;0) and the mac cheese! All were hearty and tasty. My short rib was lovely and tender!

My only negatives with Smith’s are the unfriendly vegetarian menu – there aren’t a lot of options if you aren’t a carnivore. Also, the decor is a little grim – lots of fake/real? stuffed animals are mounted on the walls. This does go in with the theme, but it isn’t to my taste…that being said – I would most definitely still eat there again!

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