Pedestrian Paradise!

Since we’ve come to Seattle, we have been walking everywhere – it’s very much a pedestrian driven world. I know a lovely lass from Perth who adores walking – but she often has to deal with very rude drivers and being heckled by sketchy people pretty much all the time. (She is also gorgeous, slender, blond with a goddess type figure though 😉 ) What is the point I am getting to here? Well , she would LOVE Seattle – the drivers have to stop for you (it’s the law !) ….If you look even slightly inclined to cross the road here  a driver will brake and usher you across the road. This is sometimes to the point of them holding up traffic andstopping halfway around a corner…it is Bizarro!

Adding to the extremely polite drivers, there are also heaps of pretty parks and waterfronts to enjoy while you are strolling to and fro. The intense amount of greenery here in the Emerald City makes life quite enjoyable while you are getting around on two legs. People also tend to art bomb random areas of the city – so you never know what you will see when you look up. Seattle also has it’s share of very large hills and steps – so be prepared for a slight workout depending which way you head!

Be ye warned! (Don’t let this stop you though!)

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