Big Mario’s!

Seattle is home to many, many bars and all of them have quite different vibes and gimmicks to keep you interested. It’s a big contrast to Wogan & I’s native Perth, Australia – where the older pubs with character are all rapidly being swallowed up by glass and metal shitholes that charge at least ten bucks for a pint. One of my favourite pubs of all time, the Rotto Island Pub, got re-vamped a few years ago and now has ASTRO-FRICKEN TURF in it’s outside area…it’s a disgrace to beach island pubs across the globe!

But I digress!

Big Mario’s was recomended to me by a new bespectacled friend in Seattle. She sold it with two words – pizza and rock music! We went there as part of ongoing celebrations for Wogan’s birthday. ( I am a strong believer in multiple birthday outings!!)

It’s a comfy old bar! Red vinyl booths and a dull has a definite grungey feel. You can sit at the bar or snuggle into a booth. You can order pizza by the slice or whole and also enjoy a cheap brew. Classic metal plays in the background, but doesn’t overpower! For a casual night out with friends, I think this place is perfect! Also – the pizza is tasty…I’ve never had it in the big thin slice style you always see on American telly. We will be seen there again!

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