The Crumpet Shop!

I had day out with some fabulous ladies a few months ago, it was a great day exploring the city. One of the lasses knows Seattle like the back of her hand. We had a great time checking out some of her favourite spots to see, eat and drink! For a late breakfast and coffee stop, she expertly guided us to “The Crumpet Shop” which is situated close to the Pike Place Markets.

After doing some sly googling, I discovered the owners have been running the place for at least 30 years and that they are some crumpet loving Americans! I was so happy to see some British style food sitting in the heart of Seattle.  You can purchase a delicious crumpet topped with all sorts of things – ricotta cheese, eggs and ham, maple syrup and walnuts…. there is an array of delicious to choose from! It is the range of choice that turns a simple pleasure into a gut busting delight! Although let us never forget how a simple buttered crumpet can satisfy the morning hunger! The store also has a latte happy hour in the morning and some kind of free refill action going on – awesome!

I had a walnut, cream cheese and maple butter crumpet… bliss! Maple butter has to one of the tastiest things in existance. You can sit at the window and watch the morning crowd roll by or you can turn to watch the staff hand-making the crumpets in their little side kitchen. The staff were very friendly and guide you through your purchase if you are a first timer! I  established that they have regular Aussie ex-pat clients who bring in their own Vegemite to slather over the goodies. Also, If you are quick you can grab a bag of crumpets to go!

I have tried going back to this place a couple of times in the afternoon – but they have always been sold out and closed up by 3pm! I will get back there though – that place was amazing!

Now I want a crumpet.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    And maple butter – that sounds delicious

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