Up, Up and away!

I am starting a project I’ve wanted to do since I finished the Megamoon – which is transferring my older travel journals onto the greater internet. My first trip overseas was a biggie – it was a trip to Kenya for 3.5 weeks. I was 21, a student with no money and I had just started dating W..!

So, without further ado *ahem*


24/06/2006 10.15pm

So, am going to be good and actually write in this thing! We have just taken off. Turns out flying international has some perks – warm towels, movies, games and best of all – free alcohol – awe yeah!
The menu looks quite nice actually.
Earlier today I was quite nervous – hyperventilate-y  nervous. It still hadn’t really sunk in that I was going. The rest of my baggage weight has been taken up by scissors.

No shit. this is what is written.


Some context?

1)First trip overseas.

2) I was twenty freaking one.

3) The scissors were part of medical supplies we were going to donate.

Maybe this isn’t such a hot idea?


25/06/06 6.58am (Dubai) 10.58am (Australia)

Dubai Airport is huge. There are so many people sleeping on the floor – just kind of scattered about. (Insane). Also strange are the heated toilet seats with automatically flushing toilets. The air is hot and humid. I can’t see anything out of the window. I think I might take some pictures. So tired.

The last few hours of the flight weren’t so good. I had a bit of a nausea stage and lost two Anzac biscuits and an OJ to a sick bag. (gross). There was quite a bit of turbulence – I think that might have been the cause. Kate got sick as well, but she had been feeling off much longer then I. There is a Starbucks here! I should take a photo.

(Oh 21 year old Tanya – how little did you realise that one day you would be living in the HOME of Starbucks).

20130214_113840Postcard from Dubai..

25/06/06 – Sunday….1.5 hours till we get to Kenya…which is 14.15 ..so that makes it 6-7 in Australia?

Current window view: Cloudy with a sort of yellow and reddish Hedland look happening down below.

Holey Moley! I passed out before the plane even left the ground. How mad! I woke up long enough to guts down my lunch – then pass out again.

Not excited yet. Just feeling dirty.

Ah – the wonders of plane travel and jet lag.

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  1. Keziah says:

    That’s a good idea! I might even do it with my Bib Track diary, it would be nice reading through it again.

    I’m glad you added the context of those scissors, I was wondering how nerves = pack lots of scissors.

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