Cat Stories: Nila assuming “The Position”

Who doesn’t love reading about and oogling cats….!

Nila is my ginger tabby. I got her through my work as a carer..some little old lady twisted my arm into taking her. She is now about 8 years old. Well into middle age, she is still pretty entertaining.

Whilst extremely shy – she is generally favored above my other more stroppy cat Deva. When she finally summons enough courage to come out from under the couch and meet new people she is re-donkulously affectionate. (She loves a good set of boobs to lay on).

I love taking her picture when she has reached her zen mode – which we call assuming “The Position”. Nila will be nowhere to be found, then you turn around and she is laying smack bang in the middle of the room – looking a little like this…

IMG_2140 Image015 DSC00175 IMG_3160 20130216_130020

She makes life look hard


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