A is for…Australian Native Wildflowers!!


Running in late to the A – Z April Blogging Challenge – let’s give this a shot!!

I have always admired flowers when they are out and proud but didn’t get hooked in until the last few years. At that point I started to realise how amazing the local environment really was.

Through a very cool friend, I started going for a lot of walks around local national parks and protected areas of land. At certain times of the year , the ground comes to life with an amazing array of beautiful flowers. My particular favourites were the orchids, they had great colours and intricate designs. Although the same could be said of a lot of the other wildflowers too 😉

Mainly though – I love my Aussie natives because of how COOL they are! They are tiny and densely structured. Some of them have spotty undersides and some of them even catch insects! I love trying to get good photos of them 🙂 The fact that you get outside and get to spend some time trudging through the bush to find them is an added bonus!

IMG_1085IMG_1057 IMG_1465-001 IMG_0765 IMG_1117 IMG_0781 IMG_0760 Purple Ennamel

This last shot is one I am pretty proud of. It features a purple enamel orchid, which is one of my favourite flowers 🙂

I am hoping now that spring has sprung here in Washington, I may be able to track down some pretty flowers here too.

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