B is for…Buttons :)

Hi, My name is Tanya…and I am a button lover.


My addiction has been going on for a number of years now. It started innocently enough,  in an op shop one afternoon. There laying nestled in amongst a mountain of craft crap, was a whole jar of buttons. For only three dollars. What a bargain.

Who could blame me ?

Well. Several jars later and I had amassed a collection of sorts. I was also starting to actively look for them on thrift store runs.I couldn’t help myself.. They were so pretty, colourful and varied. As far as collections went, this one was pretty useful..right? There one point where I was caught by my husband sorting my buttons into colour coded piles on my lounge room floor in an attempt to avoid homework…at that point I may have been too far gone already. That being said..having them colour coded is super useful!


I started to be known for my love when I came out during my wedding. They were everywhere – in the decorations, the bouquets and the hair adornments. It was…awesome. They are so useful and mufti-functional! Who could use them solely for fastening clothes closed is beyond me!


Today I live with my addiction quite happily. I brought my buttons with me from Australia. I found my first batch here in an antique store contained in an old Crisco jar…they are all fabric buttons and quite dark colours. Not my usual style – but still cool.


This love is here to stay 🙂

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  1. Tara says:

    Good grief. Did you need to come out so publicly??

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