C is for… Cat Stories!

I am a happy owner of two furry felines. Deva and Nila.

Today I will be discussing Deva – my old grumpy cat 🙂


Deva came into my life near 10 years ago now, she was born on a sunny October day, quite early in the morning. How do I know this? She shares my birthday with me. My sister’s cat had kittens that day, so Tara decided she would give me a ring and tell me all about it… At 6am in the fricken morning. Ugh. Sisters. Protesting the early hour and the fact that she had woken me up on my birthday, I hung up on her and went back to bed.  Little did I know that some weeks later I would end up with one of the litter in my life…


Deva from the start was always quite demanding, she was quite social and loved to follow me and anyone else living with her around the house. I named her Deva, thought it was a great name as it loosely meant “angel”. She behaves more like “Diva” though 😛 She used to sleep quite happily curled up on the corner of my pillow when she was a kitten. Now she quite aggressively takes up the lower half of the bed, spread out like Queen Tut! She also likes to get me up in the morning to be fed, then sidle back to bed and sleep on my pillow.

Some of Deva’s other charming habits include drooling quite a lot when she is happy and rubbing herself on and in any visitors handbags. She will also sit next to you on the couch, demand pats and then quite abruptly decide she is annoyed by your presence and perhaps bite you if you stick around or continue to pat her.


Our cat (as cantankerous as she is), is very social and was quite popular with neighbours. She will trot up and down her home street and make friends with most foot traffic. If W and I are out all day then she will go and visit other people. When we started planning to go overseas we had quite a few offers to take Deva on as a pet.  Right now in Seattle she is an inside cat. This is not pleasing to her. A fact which she makes very well known when she yowls at the top of her lungs every night, then reluctantly concedes to use the inside cat toilet. Until we are better set up though, she will have to deal….or send me crazy.

I do love her though, she is great fun and highly endearing with her various eccentricities.


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2 Responses to C is for… Cat Stories!

  1. Tara says:

    I have photos of her and her litter mates at 4 weeks old. But in most photos she’s either wandering off or too close to the camera.

  2. yvonne anderson says:

    The 10 years has gone by so fast ,,really can’t believe her age,,wow Deva looking good,,Missy will be 16yrs old this year ,,sending love n hugs for all xoxo

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