I is for Iliopsoas…

What the bleep is that you say?

It is a muscle…well actually it is TWO! It is the term applied to describe the Illiacus and Psoas Major.

Why do you care?

Well it (they) are pretty darn important! (all muscles are though right?)…

It is a hip flexor and also helps out a bit with lateral rotation. So you know, standing, walking, running… and can also help to pop out your hip to do some fabulous dance moves.




If you check out my super crummy drawing here, you can see the Psoas muscle attaches (originates) from the TVP’s of Thoracic 12 and Lumbar 1-5 (the longer skinny bit stretching up to the spine) and the illiacus muscle attaches to the anterior (front) illiac fossa (fossa means, pit, groove or depression).  The anterior illiac fossa is basically like, the inside groove of the upper pelvis. Both stretch down to finish (or insert) at the lesser trochanter on the femur. (the lesser trochanter is a little nobbly bit of bone on your inside and upper thigh).






Here is what I talked about  just before, but in tech talk for school. I have to REMEMBER all of this!


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  1. Keely says:

    Sigh I can’t wait to come visit and listen to this all in person 😛

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