J is for Jelly

And not the stuff you don’t think you are ready for either…

Jelly gives me the fear.

It is gross, wobbly and… well it irks me out ok! I have never liked the stuff. It makes me the weird kid that refuses to eat trifle…

I have an old memory of a well meaning relative trying to force feed me jelly and custard, while using that “here comes the aeroplane” stick. I think that might be where it all started. Either way, the utter dislike and revulsion of the wibbly wobbly gunk has stayed with me.

It sort of extends to other gelatinous foods like bubble tea. The very idea of drinking that stuff gives me an increased pulse! My friends have been known to sneak jelly onto my plate at restaurants – just to see my crazy dial wind up a little bit.

It doesn’t even taste good. Sugary gross goo! I haven’t got what you would call a legit fear…more of just a super weird dislike/revulsion I guess. I can handle it better when it is contained in a cup or whatever. But when it is out on a plate, wibbling ever so slightly from side to side..eek!

I could go on..but I prefer not to. Jelly sucks ok!




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2 Responses to J is for Jelly

  1. Leya says:

    Jelly on a plate
    Jelly on a plate
    Wibble wobble wibble wobble
    Jelly on a plate

    Sorry but I kinda laughed out loud at the part where you said your friends sneak it on to your plate. That’s terrible!

  2. Mandas says:

    It may be terrible, but it’s so cute when she screams and tries to run away from a little plateful of jelly =p

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