N is about Noodles baby…

I love noodles.

Like I fucking LOVE them.

As far as a go to meal goes. They are right up there. I dig pretty much all of them rice, egg, soba, ramen…and just all of them ok!

When I was a kid, I used to eat Maggi two-minute noodles. Both raw and cooked. My sister had the most bad ass microwave technique for them, she could get them cooked to perfection with the most amazing balance of soupy liquid to compliment them. It was great. Those noodles were great. But they were epically salty. I would maybe eat them for nostalgia these days, but not my preference anymore!

Moving through my teenage years and the old instant cup noodles with a few token peas floating in it became a hit. You know the in-a-cup kind? We used to eat them at cadets. Some kids used to put cheese and all sorts of weird shit in the cups…I didn’t subscribe to this practice!

University introduced the wonders of Mee Goreng. It’s an Indonesian brand, which comes with little packets of soy, chilli, onion flakes and some kind of delicious oil.  They came in basic with a bunch of flavours. These were tasty! And cheap! You could get a 30 pack box for under ten bucks! I am very sad to report they don’t sell them here in the States. I have been eying them off on Amazon. It is pretty tempting. Since moving here I keep getting massive nostalgic junk food cravings. When I return home, I have a lunch date with a Chicken Treat roast pack…sad but true.

As I have progressed through my noodle luvin’ I have also really gotten into noodles with soup! Chicken Udon especially.Noodle soups are always 20 percent better if they have an egg floating in them as well. A big bowl of soupy noodles is my lunchtime preference for sure! Seattle has a pretty big Vietnamese dining scene, you can get a big bowl of Pho pretty much anywhere you go. Pronounced “fa” the rice noodle, with tiny slivers of beef, bean shoots, mint and lime combo in a tasty stocky broth is super awesome.  Especially since it is cold here most of the year! (We have hit zero degrees outside guys…its only November!)

W is not as into noodles as I, so we have to compromise when dining out. .. oh love.  I would love to nail down a good recipe, but I have never gotten the soup stocky base part to taste as good. Plus making soup for one is… not easy.

So there you go – N is for Noodles!

At this rate. I might be done with this by NEXT April.




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