We had a little online assignment in school to write a take away and I am putting it here for keepsies.

I think my most important take away is myself!

To clarify…

I think I most liked developing myself this year. From this course, I take away a lot, skills and abilities I possibly would never have developed in this life. But, the self development has been priceless. The decision to do this was made for a lot of small reasons (that I made up to justify doing it) and one very big one…

I am thankful.

Discovery gave me time to look at the body, mind and spirit. To accept or try to anyway, how people are and can be. To look around and realise how much weight we are all carrying. It gave me a chance to see different therapists tease different results from people. It also gave me a broader view on the world of health in general. I’d never spoken to naturopaths, acupuncturists or reflexologists before. I’d sort of glazed over the spiritual connection to healing a little too.

Discovery gave me the occasional nerdy tickly by explaining little connections I had never thought of and then stepped back and shrugged its shoulders and said “who knows”. The learning panned out and in. Some weeks I wasn’t present enough for it. It was tiring and frustrating. Doing these online forums on a Sunday night was a royal pain in my …side. But after it provided some clarity. I felt like an angry toddler at times, I just wanted to throw something and leave.

I realise this is all pretty general. But I am having trouble pin pointing one story or anecdote that tipped the scale or moved me along. I haven’t stopped you see, I am still inching forwards and all these little (big) things are with me.

I’ve never had any school experience accept me so thoroughly as I am. It was really, really great. They lead by example and encourage me to develop my own Empathy.

So off I go!


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