O is for Omar

Omar is a kickin’ rad name. It ended up being Duncan’s middle name. W and I both think it is awesome. It has Arabic and Hebrew origins and means life, long living and eloquent speaker. we got to Omar somewhere after arriving at Dunc.. I think Oliver was up there for a bit, but didn’t sound right in the whole name. (Naming is hard!)

Omar Little is also a character from the Wire – a HBO show. It is a great show. I honestly didn’t think I would ever sit through it all. It’s violent and horrible at times. Also very slow moving. But it has some great characters in it. Omar being one of them!

Omar is a gangster who robs other drug dealers and re-sells their product. He has a fierce but just reputation in the neighborhood the show is set it. He speaks poetically and is great to listen to. Really captivating. Seriously. Just watch the Wire sometime. 🙂

(This post is short…bite me!)

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