P is for Plenty of things…

This A – Z is killing me. I may be done in the next 10 years. Seriously though, not sure what to do with this effing blog. It has gotten somewhat personal in the last year or so. I don’t entirely mind, but then sort of do. (What to do…what to doooo)

P is for being preggo – a state I have managed to be in now for three years running (not the whole time, obviously… ) That is a lot of hormones people! Rounding out the last few weeks and I feel suspended in time. A time filled with restless nights and weird symptoms. You can google pretty much anything and some preggo lady has had it.

For example,

Crazy, sexy dreams, hot flushes, pain in odd places, having a badly behaved digestive system (that covers a whole lot!), loose ligaments, dry eyes, odd skin, swelling in the lower extremities, the needing to pee thing…  and the list goes on.

The things that annoy me most are my low back pain, which sort of involve my hip joints being unstable and causing me to shuffle around dragging a foot by the end of the day. It feel like I am one of those marionette puppets and my legs sort of pop out and dangle. Not cool! Also sleeping on my side! Hate it! Getting into a pillow fortress of solitude at night only to have to slowly crawl out again at odd hours.

Also, sometimes when the baby is party rocking inside and I am NOT moving, I hear bones click. It is strange!

Dropping anything on the floor. Floor = enemy.

*insert more ranting here!*

I haven’t had crazy cravings. But a beer (whole one) would sure go down smooth right now. I am thankful that pregnancy is a temporary longish term state, I can understand why people with longer term health issues can feel frustrated. When your body is acting odd, it is bloody annoying! I know there are people that love being preggo (are you liars?)…but I am not one of those people! I am thankful for the chance to be, don’t get me wrong!

P is for Perth!

Went home recently. It was super surreal. It has been roughly 18 months and a pretty intense block of time at that. It was nice to see everyone. It was hard to catch up with everyone. I didn’t have really much energy to more then lay on couches and chat. Next time I am going to Rottnest and sitting in a beach shack and if you want to catch up – get on a boat! Overall it was lovely though. Great fun to surprise the folks at Christmas time. I was really happy to meet my little niece for the first time and see my other niece and nephew. (Although I am pretty sure they were happier to see W!)

I think I miss the people. But I reallllly miss the weather. Seattle is essentially the complete opposite to Perth. Although, you really appreciate the sun when it does come out. I am looking forward to spring/summer here this year!

P is for photography…

I have really lost interest in this hobby of mine in the last year and a half. I can point to several reasons. But I would love to creep back on scene with it. When I get less tired, I hope to get the big camera out a little more. Hopefully some hiking and cool flowers will get my mojo running this year!

I am tired!





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