Q is for …Quismah?

So, I have a fairly short term memory these days. If I ever had a plan for Q… it is lost in the mists of time, or really was probably never there in the first place. Onwards and upwards I say!

We have no clue whether the incoming baby is boy or girl. Our names is list exists, but I certainly haven’t latched onto anything yet. I really need to Ribs face-to-face! So, for laughs – I dug out some names beginning with Q! Think Q and generally all that comes to mind is Quentin, Quagmire or Quinn… But there are some rather interesting others!

Would you put a “Q” name on your kid?

Quismah – girl name, “destiny or fate” and Arabic.

Quilla – “Goddess of the moon” Spanish

Qi -  “Fine jade” Chinese

Qadira – “Wields power”

Qae  – “Dark Crystal”

Quorra – “Heart”

Quyen – “Little songbird” Vietnamese


Quincy – “different, unique”  French

Qamar  – “moon” Arabic

Qabil – “Able” Arabic

Quon – “Bright”

Quillan “Club”

Quenell “Small Oak”




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