A hobbly finish!

R is for…

Running out of ideas to ever finish A – Z…! Going to do this in a dodgy way just to get it DONE!

R is for rain! The weather is turning and the water is falling from the sky! R is for Ribbit who could come annnny day now.

S is for Sleep or lack of it… I am up and down at all hours. Watching all manner of terrible television – any hot picks please let me know!

T is for… T is for…

Tea! I like it. In many forms! Mostly mint is my bag..or a good English one! Some mates bought me a pregnancy tea which is pretty good as well! I need to start drinking raspberry leaf! Seattle has a surprisingly dedicated tea scene. Although I am discovering, there is a nerd for everything here! Woges and I went to the Northwest Tea fest a couple of months ago… I am still not sure I can handle some of those really intense green teas. They sort of taste like what I would imagine fresh lawn cuttings would be like after a good steeping!

U is for Ultrasounds... I have to say – once they’ve figured out everything is allllll good, they are such fun. we saw Ribbit last week and man that baby is busy. Doing odd things like chewing on its feet and making kissy faces. But certainly busy!

V is for Vashon Island..the only other word I could think of was, a bit too much for the internet. So, Vashon! Haven’t been there yet! Maybe in summer – so I can pick berries!

Here is a link to an article about it —> http://seattletimes.com/html/outdoors/2004103885_nwwisland03.html

W is for Waiting —> still doing it. Have a whole bunch of words there…but it equates to a bus you really need and want to catch, but have no idea when it will actually pick you up. So you are stuck in a holding pattern near the stop!

X is for X-rays! One of the only medical procedures I haven’t had in the last few months! Hooray! Yes. This is a cop-out!

Y is for Yee-ha! (yes. this is terrible).

Z the Zoo!  We went on the weekend – it is early spring here, so the animals were reasonably awake! They have a baby giraffe right now and Humboldt penguins. I always feel sorry for the Australia section, it is pretty woeful. A couple of kangaroos, emus and a few birds. (Do you count budgies as an iconic Australian bird?)



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