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M is for Moving :) (Across the Universe)

Cannington, Beckenham, Glendalough, Padbury, Doubleview, Rockingham, Stirling, Pithara, Karrinyup, Huntingdale, South Hedland, Dixon’s Caravan Park, Bunbury, one of the “yup”s down south, Rivervale, Tuart Hill, West Perth, City Beach….Seattle. I love moving. I hate moving. I have moved getting close … Continue reading

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L is for Living.

Life is just this. It’s living. So, I’ve decided to finish this A – Z… obviously it will be several months late… But whatever – I do what I want! I’ve been busy living. This is part of the reason … Continue reading

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This is it :)

So I’m here again. W & I are 16 weeks pregnant. We’ve been playing it low key and telling people slowly. There has been no big announcement. We are really, really happy to be trying this again. Also, speaking for … Continue reading

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Coming up for air…..

Today it is cloudy and gloomy in Seattle. Hopefully the sun will come out at some point this week – I miss it. Blogging is supposed to be therapeutic with loss. I don’t know sometimes. I have so many thoughts … Continue reading

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K is for Kale

Kale is a cabbage like vegetable that has become pretty popular on the heath food circuit in the last few years. It has been around forever and yet, only now is it getting back into everyday diets. I have to … Continue reading

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J is for Jelly

And not the stuff you don’t think you are ready for either… Jelly gives me the fear. It is gross, wobbly and… well it irks me out ok! I have never liked the stuff. It makes me the weird kid … Continue reading

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A little behind!!

A – to Z lag out!   I will be back in action in a day or two after my test at school! In the meantime – any suggestions would be super awesome!  

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I is for Iliopsoas…

What the bleep is that you say? It is a muscle…well actually it is TWO! It is the term applied to describe the Illiacus and Psoas Major. Why do you care? Well it (they) are pretty darn important! (all muscles … Continue reading

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H is for Hakuna Matata…. :P

“Ha-kooo-nah Mah-taaa-taa!” We all know what that means right 😛 I had no idea what to do for H ok? One of my massage therapy teachers has noted that Australians are very fond of replying to most things with a … Continue reading

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G is for Grief…

This alphabet soup is very difficult to do…what on EARTH am I going to write for X? Grief is a strange thing. It is so very viral. It becomes part of who you are. Losing something or someone from your … Continue reading

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