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F is for Feminism…

ooooh. Hello to the serious button. I am going to try and write about this! Kind of nervous really. Feminism is a pretty loaded word – it means so much to people in different ways. I am going to approach … Continue reading

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E is for….Elevator Operator!

This is my current part-time job. It sure has some ups and downs 😛 I sort of stumbled on to it. Although, we do have some friends here in Seattle that have both worked at the Needle – so maybe … Continue reading

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D is for Duncan :)

D will always be for Duncan. He was born still this year on January 10. I am still finding words for all of that. But he was beautiful to me.  I loved to look at him. I am grateful for … Continue reading

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C is for… Cat Stories!

I am a happy owner of two furry felines. Deva and Nila. Today I will be discussing Deva – my old grumpy cat 🙂 Deva came into my life near 10 years ago now, she was born on a sunny … Continue reading

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B is for…Buttons :)

Hi, My name is Tanya…and I am a button lover. My addiction has been going on for a number of years now. It started innocently enough,  in an op shop one afternoon. There laying nestled in amongst a mountain of … Continue reading

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A is for…Australian Native Wildflowers!!

Running in late to the A – Z April Blogging Challenge – let’s give this a shot!! I have always admired flowers when they are out and proud but didn’t get hooked in until the last few years. At that … Continue reading

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And so my tolerance goes…

I’m in a emotional state today. It’s partly to do with Dunc and mostly about me. I’ve started an evening course it massage therapy. It goes over ten months and it looks like it will be a great learning experience. … Continue reading

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Cat Stories: Nila assuming “The Position”

Who doesn’t love reading about and oogling cats….! Nila is my ginger tabby. I got her through my work as a carer..some little old lady twisted my arm into taking her. She is now about 8 years old. Well into … Continue reading

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Up, Up and away!

I am starting a project I’ve wanted to do since I finished the Megamoon – which is transferring my older travel journals onto the greater internet. My first trip overseas was a biggie – it was a trip to Kenya … Continue reading

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